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CMC Manpower Agency Pte Ltd is a one-stop solution for Indigenizing Manpower Recruitment in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar and China. We have a wide scope of Manpower Recruitment that includes skilled and unskilled workers.

With our experienced team, we are able to provide job seekers with the best opportunities and deliver exceptional value to employers.

We mainly employ Construction Sector, Process and Marine Sector, Manufacturing and Service Sector.

We believe everybody has his strong points and so our vision is to provide good job opportunities for permanent placement to make everybody able to have a suitable job.

Singapore - Service Sector

Singapore - Process Sector

Singapore - Marine Sector

Singapore - Manufacturing Sector

Singapore - Construction Sector

Malaysia - Service Sector

Malaysia - Process Sector

Malaysia - Marine Sector

Malaysia - Manufacturing Sector

Malaysia - Construction Sector

Bangladesh - Process Sector

Bangladesh - Service Sector

Bangladesh - Marine Sector

Bangladesh - Manufacturing Sector

Bangladesh - Construction Sector

India - Process Sector

India - Service Sector

India - Marine Sector

India - Manufacturing Sector

India - Construction Sector

Myanmar - Process Sector

Myanmar - Service Sector

Myanmar - Marine Sector

Myanmar - Manufacturing Sector

Myanmar - Construction Sector

China - Process Sector

China - Service Sector

China - Marine Sector

China - Manufacturing Sector

China - Construction Sector

Philippines - Process Sector

Philippines - Service Sector

Philippines - Marine Sector

Philippines - Manufacturing Sector

Philippines - Construction Sector

Vietnam - Process Sector

Vietnam - Service Sector

Vietnam - Marine Sector

Vietnam - Manufacturing Sector

Vietnam - Construction Sector

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